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[sticky post] My fanfiction index

so i figured i should try to organize a bit, before i start posting a super long multipart fanfiction and a litany of other random posts and everything gets lost. tags work too, but you can only depend on those so much before clicking them becomes tedious as well. so here we go:

disclaimer: just to restate this to not get sued, i do not own ANY of these characters. i love them all, so i simply borrow them for my fanfiction. :D

organized alphabetically by series and then title.

all the while | pairing: renji/ichigo | complete | link
birthday surprise | pairing: renji/ichigo | complete | link
finding you | pairing: renji/ichigo | complete | one two three four five
fun with fruit | pairing: renji/ichigo | complete | link
futures | pairing: renji/ichigo | complete | link
gentle | pairing: renji/ichigo | complete | link
i need you | pairing: Ikkaku/yumichika | complete | link
polyphonic | pairings: renji/ichigo (centric), grimmjow/ichigo, gin/rangiku, etc | ongoing
   one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen
    side story | pairing: byakuya/rukia | complete | link

fairy tail
stealing time | pairing: loki/lucy | complete | link
strip | pairing: gray/lucy | complete | link

gundam wing
bodyguard redux | pairings: 1x2x1, Rx1 (one-sided), others | ongoing
    Part One "I Have Nothing"
      1.1 Family Ties 1.2 Recruiting a Hero 1.3 First Impressions
    Part Two "Queen of the Night"
      2.1 Safety First 2.2 The Kiss 2.3 Avoidance | 2.4 The Confrontation | 2.5 The Party | 2.6 Shot
forever | pairing: 1x2x1 | complete | link
solitary | pairing: 1x2x1 | complete | link
supermarket heero | pairing: 1x2x1 | complete | link
the event that changed him | pairing: 1x2 (just a touch), 1+R, 3+4 | complete | link

hana kimi
lemonade | pairing: sano/mizuki | complete | link

prince of tennis
relativity | pairing: tezuka/fuji | complete | link

shugo chara
beating out the royal flush | pairing: ikuto/amu | complete | one two
run | pairing: ikuto/amu | complete | link

miscellaneous non-anime/manga
fulfilling a wish | casper - pairing: casper/kat | complete | link

this will update usually as soon as i post the story, but if you see something that's not here, message me and i'll add it.