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mondays... polyphonic: 14

ah, sorry so it wasn't the weekend, but here's another chapter. sigh, the start of classes today. it wasn't too bad, turns out i recognized a few people in my classes and my professor remembers me, which is good haha. and, best of all, parking wasn't an absolute nightmare. maybe there is something to taking classes in the morning. anyway, here we go. a little grimmichi today.

Title: Polyphonic: ch 13
Beta: 3_broken_hearts
Pairings: Renji/Ichigo (centric), Grimmjow/Ichigo (one-sided), Gin/Rangiku, and more
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or any of its characters.
Rating: PG-13 (mostly)
Warning: AU, shounen-ai, kissing (homo and hetero), mild violence, a little swearing
Word count: 1759
Summary: Kira and Shuuhei, looking for love.

Grimmjow slipped out of his apartment building in his dark leather jacket and sunglasses, a baseball cap pulled down over his electric blue hair. He looked around furtively, trying to sneak off without alerting the other crew members. What he was about to do was deeply uncool, but it was the only thing he could think of. He was about to stake out that bastard Abarai's school and see if he could find Ichigo.

Satisfied there was nobody following behind him, he smiled and started walking only to be shocked when Di Roy and Ilforte suddenly popped out of a nearby alley.

"Hey!" Di Roy shouted as he raced over to Grimmjow's side. Ilforte sauntered over in his usual graceful manner, his long blonde hair swinging and catching the sunlight, and nodded his own greeting.

Grimmjow winced before plastering on a big smile. Getting around Di Roy was simple but Ilforte always seemed to be able to see what he was up to. It didn't help that Grimmjow didn't lie normally -- it just wasn't in his makeup. He was like a pure straightforward melody, his crew the accompaniment, with Di Roy following in canon and Ilforte occasionally adding strange harmonies into the mix. "Hey guys. I was just about to go out. You know, get a drink or whatever. I'll catch you guys later at practice."

Ilforte eyed him inscrutably for a moment before saying, "How 'bout we go with you then, brother? Drinking alone is never fun." Di Roy added his enthusiastic agreement to that plan.

Grimmjow thought furiously. There was a drugstore nearby Abarai's school. Maybe he could just walk by, see if Ichigo was even there. "I've got an errand to do, first. Gotta go to the drug store, on 7th."

Ilforte's eyes narrowed. "There are closer drugstores, Grimm." The sour note was plain in his voice, although Di Roy didn't seem to have caught it.

"I'm looking for something specific," the blue haired man quickly digressed. This lying business was hard. It didn't help that Ilforte was sharp and knew where Abarai's school was. "I heard they have it."

"What did you want to get, brother? Would it perchance be something strawberry?" Ilforte bit out scathingly.

Grimmjow couldn't help a small flinch, but quickly retaliated. "What's it to you?"

It was Ilforte's turn to flinch, but like Grimmjow he recovered and glared for all he was worth. "He's not yours, remember brother?" Grimmjow bristled.

Di Roy was following the conversation, his big eyes full of confusion, particularly at the anger present in Ilforte's frame. He cut in quickly, before a fight could escalate. "Hey, Ilforte. If Grimm really wants something there then let's just go." He turned, entreatingly to Grimmjow. "We'll still go for that drink after, right?"

Grimmjow just turned and growled, "Nobody asked you to come anyway. Do whatever you like."

He started walking away, hoping they wouldn't follow, but he heard the restless scuffle of Di Roy's shoes and quiet steps of Ilforte's behind him. Well, it wasn't like Grimmjow was definitely going to see the boy anyway.


"Ichigo!" screamed a loud boy, racing at the teen as he walked to the school gate.

Ichigo dodged the boy's glomping attack with an ease only someone who grew up under Isshin could manage. "Hey, Keigo." Rukia and Orihime laughed at their antics while Ishida just rolled his eyes.

"Are you coming to the arcade with me?" Asano Keigo was forever trying to invite Ichigo out. He thought Ichigo was amazing and had latched onto him from day one. Ichigo was amused by him, and he was no more annoying than his father with his leaping attacks, but he still hadn't taken Keigo up on any of his after-school offers.

"Nah, I've got kendo practice. Right, Chad?" Sado nodded his agreement, silent and by Ichigo's side as usual.

"How about afterwards? You're always going to kendo and then going home. You should hang out with me after! You never hang out with me!"

Ichigo colored slightly, thinking of his nightly walks home with Renji. He wouldn't trade those for anything. But before he could voice his refusal, Ishida beat him to it.

"Maybe he has better things to do than hang out with you, Asano-san," he said, in his deadpan way. Ichigo looked at Ishida curiously. He had never quite figured out if Ishida liked him or hated him, but he suspected any animosity had likely stemmed from his girlfriend's extreme fascination with the orange haired boy. He had once asked Ishida for a favor to fix a doll of Yuzu's (Ishida was the Home Economics teacher's favorite student because of his incredible skill at sewing) and he had done it, but he'd frowned as if doing such things were beneath him. Ichigo was thankful regardless, because Keigo's attention was indignantly transferred onto the bespectacled boy.

Amidst squawks of "What do you mean by that?' and Ishida's cutting sarcastic remarks, Ichigo heard another voice call out to him.

"Hey, Ichigo."

Ichigo frowned as he tried to place the face even as he turned toward the speaker. There, leaning against the school gate, was Grimmjow, from the Reapers. Two of the other crew members were loitering behind, the smaller one looked a bit jumpy and the taller slender one looked irritated. As for the blue-haired man, he looked like a panther who had just spotted his prey. Ichigo glanced at Rukia quickly. Her head shook slightly no. So she had no idea why the man was here either. Her worried look made Ichigo worry too though, but he turned back to Grimmjow with a smile. "Hey, Grimm. What are you doing at my school? Looking for Renji or something?"

Grimmjow's eyes narrowed slightly at the casual mention of Renji's name, but he answered smoothly enough. "Nah, I'm here to see you, Ichigo."

"Oh," was the only thing that came to Ichigo's mind. All of a sudden the memories of that first night with Renji and Grimmjow flooded back to him, and he flushed at the implication that Grimmjow had come to collect him after all. He glanced nervously at the other two who had come with Grimmjow. The smaller one was bug-eyed and darting glances between his leader and Ichigo, while the willowy blonde was fairly glowering.

Luckily, Ishida cut in, with another stroke of good timing, saving Ichigo from having to formulate an answer. "Kurosaki, we have to get home. See you tomorrow." With a curious glance at Grimmjow, Ishida and Orihime left, dragging a wailing Keigo with them.

Rukia touched his arm lightly. Ichigo looked at her, but her gaze was locked on Grimmjow, eyes challenging. "Don't you have to get to practice, Ichigo?"

Grimmjow sneered. "He can talk to me without a couple babysitters hanging around, can't he girlie?"

Ichigo lay a reassuring hand on Rukia's shoulder when it looked like she was about to explode before he addressed his stoic friend. "Hey, Chad. Can you tell sensei I'll be a little late today?"

He nodded slowly, but his eyes still asked silently, "Do you need me to remain behind with you?" Ichigo shook his head slightly, and he departed.

Ichigo turned to face Grimmjow who looked like he wanted to shoot Rukia on the spot, while Rukia looked like she wanted to freeze him with her glare. He squeezed her shoulder again slightly. "Rukia's my best friend," he said mildly. "She's not a babysitter. What did you need to see me about?"

Leaving his glaring contest with Rukia, Grimmjow looked at Ichigo and grinned. "I wanted to ask you on a date."

Both Rukia and the blonde hissed sharply through their teeth while Ichigo turned red. "Grimmjow, I appreciate the thought, but I uh, with Renji..." Ichigo trailed off. What was his relationship with Renji?

An angry growl ripped out of Grimmjow. "So if I win the next competition, you'll choose me? Fuck this. To hell with Abarai." A hand shot out to grab Ichigo's shoulder and within moments, Ichigo found himself kissing Grimmjow. It was different, even than the forced kiss with Renji at the club. The atmosphere was nowhere near harmonious, it was clashing about dangerously with all the angry personalities surrounding them. It felt wrong, and Ichigo pushed away from the man quickly. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the blonde man stalk angrily away, his long golden hair flipping in the sunlight.

After he gained some distance (a few feet at least), he found Rukia had superimposed herself in front of him, to prevent another attempt. She was shouting at Grimmjow who had gained his own small protector. "How could you do that?" She looked as if she was about to deck the small trembling boy who was in the way of her intended target.

Ichigo wrapped an arm around her shoulder and squeezed, murmuring to her that he'd take care of it. "Okay, Grimmjow. You're even now, you've both forced a kiss on me without my consent. But I like Renji now, okay? So he's the only one I want to kiss and be kissed by. The competition doesn't matter."

"Grimm," the little silver-haired guy said quietly, turning toward his friend with his hand coming to rest lightly on Grimmjow's arm. "Let's just go, okay?" He turned back just to nod slightly at Ichigo who bobbed his head in return.

"See ya," Ichigo murmured, and he led Rukia off.

"Just wait a sec, Ichigo!" shouted Grimmjow. "I'll win the next one, and you'll want me instead. I guarantee it."

Ichigo shook his head and walked away.

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Apr. 13th, 2013 08:38 pm (UTC)
So glad to hear Ichigo admit it. Not that I think Grimm will let go without a fight, however...
Apr. 18th, 2013 08:44 pm (UTC)
mm denial is so yesterday. haha jk. but i wanted to get the story to move on instead of spending more time on him deciding on his feelings.
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